Why does the outside of my marshmallow have a shell?

Our marshmallows are made fresh and coated in powdered sugar, over time the sugars will begin to harden to create a shell that protects the inside of the mallow. 

When should I eat my marshmallow?

While our product will not go bad, for freshness it is best to eat the marshmallows within 1-2 weeks of delivery. Once packaging is opened the marshmallow may begin to harden if in contact with air. We advise any opened marshmallows be placed in a container with a lid or in a baggie that you are able to keep closed.

Can I roast the marshmallows?

Like the marshmallows you find in the grocery store you can roast Modern Appalachian Kitchen’s marshmallows. Our marshmallows are not made in the same way as the store brand, meaning the mallow will begin to melt if heat is applied. If roasting we suggest a quick brûlée of the outside.

When will other candies be added to the website?

We pride ourselves in the products we make. Our goal is to provide all sorts of candies and confections to our customers but to ensure we are providing the best products we plan to roll out products one by one. We started with our marshmallows because we feel they provided a deeper connection to our owner’s family history with the candy making process. 

I tried to place an order but it says my order cannot be placed based on my address.

At this time, we are only able to sell our products in the state of West Virginia.